Know Your Numbers! Taking Charge of Your Blood Pressure from 4-10 September 2023

 Within the day-to-day chaos of deadlines, meetings, and responsibilities, there’s one thing that deserves your unwavering attention – your health. Your heart, to be exact. Today, we’re here to shine a spotlight on a nationwide movement that resonates with our core values: Know Your Numbers! From 4-10 September 2023 

Raising Awareness Saves Lives 

At Workplace Health MOT we’re about empowering individuals and businesses to make informed choices about their health. That’s why we’re proud to align ourselves with the fantastic national campaign, ‘Know Your Numbers!’, orchestrated by the renowned UK charity Blood Pressure UK. 

The concept is simple yet powerful – this campaign is all about raising awareness of high blood pressure and the life-altering potential it holds. With the staggering statistic that 350 people in the UK experience preventable strokes or heart attacks every single day, there’s no room for complacency. 

Knowledge is Power, so, Know Your Numbers! 

Picture this: You know your height, your weight, your shoe size – but do you know your blood pressure numbers? A healthy blood pressure reading falls under the 120/80mmHg mark, but knowing this is just the beginning. When you truly Know Your Numbers!, you’re embracing a journey towards well-being that can have a transformative impact on your life. 

Your heart is your lifeline, your rhythm, your constant companion. It’s the engine that drives you forward. Yet, just like any intricate machine, it needs maintenance and care. By understanding your blood pressure, you’re not merely gathering numbers; you’re tuning into your cardiovascular health. 

Taking Action, One Beat at a Time 

Knowing your blood pressure numbers is only the first step – it’s the catalyst for change. Armed with this knowledge, you can take proactive steps to nurture your heart health. At Workplace Health MOT, we’re dedicated to making this journey seamless, convenient, and supportive. We bring health screenings and consultations directly to your workplace, ensuring that your health doesn’t take a back seat amid the whirlwind of daily life. 

Understanding What Your Numbers Mean 

Numbers can often feel like a puzzle, but when it comes to your health, they hold the key to a clearer picture. It’s crucial to not just know the digits but to understand what they mean for you. Start to understand your blood pressure readings with the accompanying Blood Pressure UK PDF guide. This resource will help you to interpret your numbers, ensuring that you’re not just collecting data, but understanding the story they tell about your cardiovascular health. 

Download the chart. Blood pressure chart for adults – PDF [PDF 121KB] 

Take action today 

We believe that every adult in the UK should be as familiar with their blood pressure numbers as they are with their height and weight. It’s time to prioritize your heart, to take charge of your well-being, and to lead a long and healthy life. 

At Workplace Health MOT, we’re not just advocates; we’re partners in your health journey. Let’s stand united in the fight against preventable heart issues. Let’s make ‘Know Your Numbers!’ not just a statement, but a commitment. Your heart deserves it, and so do you. 


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