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At Workplace Health MOT, we are committed to fostering health and wellbeing in the workplace. With Bike Week fast approaching, there is no better time to champion the benefits of cycling for both individual health and the wider community. Bike Week, organised by Cycling UK, runs from 10-16 June 2024 and is the UK’s largest annual event dedicated to raising awareness about cycling. This year, we invite employers to join us in celebrating cycling as a force for good.

Benefits of Cycling for Health

Cycling is not just a mode of transport; it’s a powerful tool for enhancing physical and mental health. Regular cycling can significantly reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It also improves mental wellbeing by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, cycling contributes to environmental sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and promoting cleaner air.

Championing Cycling in the Workplace

Encouraging cycling within the workplace can lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. Here are some practical ways to promote cycling during Bike Week:


Reward your employees who cycle to work with a special breakfast. This not only acknowledges their effort but also fosters a sense of community. For remote workers, consider gifting an hour for them to enjoy a local bike ride. Enhance the experience by asking participants to share selfies on social media and internal communication channels using the hashtags #BikeWeek and #BikeHero.


Remind staff of any existing workplace support for cycling. Showcase your Cycle Friendly Employer accreditation or Cycle to Work scheme. Organising a Dr Bike session can ensure that employees’ bikes are in optimal condition. You could also invite a local bike shop or a representative from your Cycle to Work scheme to discuss available resources and support.


A buddy scheme can make a significant difference for those new to cycling. Pair experienced cyclists with beginners to share knowledge of the best routes and offer encouragement. Starting a ‘bike bus’ can create a supportive environment for less confident riders, making the transition to cycling smoother and more enjoyable.

Support Cycling UK’s Vision

By participating in Bike Week, your organisation supports Cycling UK’s vision of creating happier, healthier, and greener lives through cycling. Collaborate with us to champion this cause and make a lasting impact on your employees’ lives and the environment.

Get Involved

Join us in celebrating Bike Week and make cycling a cornerstone of your workplace health initiatives. Together, we can promote wellbeing, reduce environmental impact, and foster a culture of health and fitness. 

What health activities are right for your business?

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