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Fighting the ‘C Word’ at work

Beyond workplace dynamics, employers have a crucial role in supporting their employees’ health, especially in combating the pervasive impact of cancer.

Tackling preventable cancer in the workplace

Cancer, a formidable adversary that touches the lives of millions, not only affects individuals and families but also places a significant burden on businesses. According to recent studies, the cost of staff absence due to cancer care has been on the rise, posing challenges for both employers and their teams. The key findings estimate that the total cost of UK preventable cancer cases diagnosed in 2023 is £78 billion, equating to 3.5% of annual GDP. It is a stark reality that compassionate and supportive workplace environments are more crucial than ever.

In the face of these challenges, early health screening emerges as a beacon of hope. Screening for various health parameters, including weight, height, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and aiding in smoking cessation, can be a game-changer. Not only does it contribute to a healthier workforce, but it also serves as a preventive measure against the onset and progression of cancer.

Investing in early health screening programmes

The statistics are eye-opening. The financial burden on British businesses due to staff absenteeism and decreased productivity resulting from cancer-related issues is substantial. By investing in early health screening programmes, employers can detect potential health concerns before they escalate, reducing the need for extended employee absences and long-term medical treatments. This proactive approach not only saves lives but safeguards the vitality and efficiency of the workforce.

Promoting World Cancer Day 2024 this February

On this World Cancer Day, let us take a moment to reflect on the journey of those who have faced or are currently facing the challenges of cancer. As employers, our commitment to the well-being of our team members should extend beyond the confines of the workplace. By fostering a culture of health and well-being, we not only enhance productivity but also create a supportive environment for those who may be fighting a personal battle against cancer.

Workplace health screenings serve as a tangible expression of this commitment. They offer employees the opportunity to understand and take charge of their health, encouraging healthier lifestyle choices. In the long run, this not only benefits the individual but contributes to the overall resilience of the workforce.

What health activities are right for your business?

As we navigate the complexities of the modern workplace, let us remember that our employees are our most valuable assets. By investing in health and wellness initiatives, particularly on World Cancer Day, we signal our dedication to creating workplaces that not only thrive professionally but also prioritise health and wellbeing.


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