Ubico workers benefit from health and wellbeing checks

14th June 2017

Workers at Ubico Ltd, the environmental services provider for Cotswold District Council, are fighting fit thanks to a successful health initiative.

The company runs health and safety days on a monthly basis to ensure that crews are aware of legislation and best practice and decided to offer free health and wellbeing checks at the same time.  This has been very successful, and has led to a number of staff losing weight and requesting further health checks to monitor their progress.

Ubico loader Gary Avery attended a free health check in September 2014, and results indicated he was overweight and also had a high blood sugar/glucose level that could lead to diabetes.  Acting on advice from a diabetic nurse he attended a 10 week food awareness course to help him make the necessary dietary changes.  His diet began in early 2015 and he cut out fizzy drinks, chocolate, crisps and snacking between meals.  By October 2015 his weight had reduced from over 17 stones to just under 12 stones and his blood sugar level, cholesterol rating, blood pressure and heart rate all showed a reduction in the target range by at least half.

Gary is delighted with his excellent results:

“Being active throughout my working day was a big bonus in helping me lose weight, and in my spare time I have also been mountain biking and doing circuit training to boost my fitness levels.  I no longer feel so tired and I have noticed a big increase in my stamina levels.  Knowing about my potential medical problems was a key motivator for me – you can turn things around with guidance but you also have to help yourself.”

Ubico Managing Director, Rob Bell, is very pleased with the health initiative for workers:

“Many of our employees have jobs which are physically demanding but that does not necessarily mean that they are all living a healthy lifestyle.  By offering checks on blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol and diabetes, we can help them review their health and wellbeing and, when appropriate, provide advice on sensible eating, drinking and exercise.  As a result, we have seen some marked improvements in the health of some people – including significant loss of excess weight in several cases – and this can only be good for the long-term health of the staff and the company.”

CDC Cabinet Member for Health, Environment, and Communities, Cllr Sue Coakley is equally impressed:

“Ubico are to be congratulated on this far sighted initiative.  They have recognised the benefits of offering free health and wellbeing checks to workers but they have also gone a step further and partnered with them to help make improvements.  A healthier workforce is less prone to illness and ensures that the company can maintain its efficiency. It’s a win-win; the crews feel better and can provide the best possible service to residents across the District.”


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