Benefits of a MOT Health Check: David’s Story

My name is David Masters I am a 35 year old male, I have never had a serious illness the flu was about as bad as it got. In March 2016 the company where I work was offering free health checks so I thought why not.

All was good except my cholesterol was a bit high, and I explained I seemed to have a permeant headache, Colin the nurse from Mobile Health MOT recommended I go get checked out by my doctor.

The doctor took some blood and asked if anything else was wrong so I said I had been having headaches for 6-9 months and just taking paracetamol but this wasn’t helping, he prescribed me some different pills and said come back in a few weeks. When I returned he asked how I was and of course if the headaches had gone which they hadn’t, so he said to me it was out of his field so he would refer me to a specialist for headaches.

The day came for me to go and see the doctor she asked all sorts of questions then told me she wanted me to have an MRI scan. I had the scan and a few weeks later I got a phone call from another doctor asking to see him the following night. It turns out I had a big haemangioblastamo (benign cyst) about the size of a golf ball in my brain hence the headaches it needed removing quickly. The doctor also wanted to run more scans as there could be more so he ran a full body CT scan.

This scan showed tumours on both of my kidneys a 6.5 cm one on left and two 2.5 cm on my right so after the brain surgery I would have to have kidney surgery.

Following the kidney surgery they sent the samples of for analysis and it turns out all 3 were renal cell carcinomas (cancer). So all I can say is the health check I had done at work by Colin quite possibly saved my life as normally I don’t go to see the doctor but his advice to go gave me the push to talk to doctor and say about what I thought was a simple headache which I would of never normally done. So if possible get the heath check done because you never what could be wrong with yourself. So thank you once again Colin.


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