Health MOT open days in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas

Health MOT Open Days

We can provide a walk-in service over a full or half-day period.  We offer a broad range of information on health issues relating to men and women of all ages.

MOT open days can be held in a range of venues, including workplaces, community centres, sports or social clubs etc.  They can be an effective way of reaching members of the public who may not naturally seek health advice from more traditional routes.

At each of our MOT open days, there will be a healthcare professional on hand.  The staff will also answer any questions and sign-post people to other relevant health services where necessary.

For more information about any of our MOT open days, please call us on 07975 707 886 or email

Why is health promotion important?

Workplace Health MOT promotes healthy lifestyles and encourages you to do the same. Whether you are an employee or an individual, your health and that of others within your organisation is essential to keep you and your business functioning.

We are all able to react to a physical symptom, and most of us are excellent at seeking help when it is needed. However, you cannot see or easily measure your own blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, among other indicators or risk factors in disease.

These warning signs are often present long before the physical symptoms present themselves. With health promotion, you can react quicker and take the necessary steps to prevent serious illness or disease.

Our aim is to carry out Health MOTs which look at health risk factors and raise general awareness of male & female related cancers and illness. We give people the knowledge to make informed choices, and, most of all, the encouragement to seek help at the earliest opportunity.

Male and Female Health Talks

Prevention is better than cure, and we offer talks on general health issues that affect men and women. Gender specific information educates and informs the public so that they can make the right choices and start to recognise if they are at risk.